Frankie's Pizzeria

pizzaOur full pizzeria, Frankie's Pizzeria is perfect for a quick lunch during the day or a Birthday Party at night.

Come in and check out our 50's style pizzeria!


Large Cheese: $14.49
Large One-Topping: $16.99
Large Two-Topping: $17.99

By the slice: $2.75

Hot Dogs and Nachos

Hot Dog (Oscar Meyer Beef): $2.50
Nachos: $2.75

Ice Cream

1 Scoop (Cup or Cone): $1.75
1 Scoop (Waffle): $2.50
Additional Scoops: $1.00 each

Root Beer Float: $2.75
Assorted Blue Bunny Ice Cream Novelties: $0.75 - $2.00


Pretzel: $2.50
Candy: $1.00
Chips: $1.00


We serve: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Sierra Mist, and Mug's Root Beer!

16 oz: $2.25
24 oz: $2.50
32 oz: $3.25

20 oz Bottle: $2.00

Gatorade: $2.50
Coffee: $1.50
Hot Chocolate: $1.50


14 oz: $2.00
16 oz: $2.25
24 oz: $2.75

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